The Move of Millions

Of the 60 million golfers in the world, over 40 million have an almost identical motion in and around impact! It is called the “Move of Millions” and causes almost every imaginable kind of bad golf shot. So many players are failing to reach their potential, failing to understand their own golf swings and the moves needed to improve.

40 million, that is more people than live in Canada! And all these 40 million golfers are using the same flipping-style release, or what we like to call “The Move of Millions.” This release motion rarely produces the optimal strike. Because it is extremely difficult to repeat, the Move of Millions makes it virtually impossible for a golfer to hit clean, straight and compressed golf shots.

This hand and wrist flip-release motion not only produces thin shots, fat shots and slices, but also massively reduces distance through loss of clubhead and ball speed. This is a fact, it is not a gimmick. And if your reading this, there is a 66.67% chance, that you have the same flip-style release. But don’t worry – you are not alone! That is why we put together the series The Move of Millions.

World Class Golf Instruction is the most detailed teach-yourself platform on the planet. It provides tour-proven golf swing parameters and boundaries along with relevant evidence-based video material to give in-depth insight at the problems, that golfers from all over the world are facing.

Why is it, that 40 million golfer swing with the “The Move of Millions”, why? What is behind this incorrect move? Talent! (Or, rather, lack of it!)  Unfortunately, there is no magic wand to increase a golfer’s natural talent. I am sorry to disappoint you, you were probably hoping for one? Or perhaps a pill you could swallow and it would all fix itself?

Your level of ball striking is determined in most part by how good your hand, wrist and knee work is, in and around impact. These affect your club path, club face, speed and angle of attack, which in turn determine your ball flight. It is the simple truth.

“The Move of Millions”, the flip-style release of a golfer’s hands and wrists in and around impact, is a terribly inefficient way to transfer speed and consistent direction to the clubhead and ball. Perhaps you use the very basic form of this flip release? Or maybe a slightly more advanced form of the flip release? Or perhaps you have played junior golf and have the talent and the expertise to swing with a dynamic advanced release pattern like the top players? Have you played junior golf?

Let me explain something, which will provide better perspective on the subject. Let’s look at the different levels of golfers, that play the game today:

  • Level 0 – Tour professionals on the major tours throughout the world
  • Level 1 – Top Amateur Players and Professionals playing on second tours or mini tours
  • Level 2 – Handicap 0 to 4
  • Level 3 – Handicap 4 to 8
  • Level 4 – Handicap 8 to 12
  • Level 5 – Handicap 12 to 18
  • Level 6 – Handicap 18 to 24
  • Level 7 – Handicap 24 to 36
  • Level 8 – Handicap 36+

What is your level?

Obviously, your level is affected by your all-around game, including putting, short game, and your mental approach. But let’s look at it from this handicap-based angle to determine where your game is currently.

So, now: Have you ever seen someone jump three or even two levels in a week? Have you ever seen someone jump from level 6 (Handicap 18-24) to level 3 (Handicap 4-8) in a whole, long month?

No, of course you haven’t!

I have played golf now for 37 years and have seen some amazing scores and improvements from club golfers, but the best results and the quickest improvements have overwhelmingly been from two populations of golfers: juniors and ex-professional athletes from other sports.

Junior golfers have an amazing ability to imitate and learn advanced moves and positions. The professional athletes, no matter the sport, will clearly have an advantage over the rest of us in the talent department.

For example, as a junior, I was on a handicap of 11 (Level 4) for eighteen months. I was 14 years old and growing quickly, and yes, I had some talent. I was practicing and playing every day and getting good instruction on my swing. I managed to get down to a handicap of 4 (Level 2) within seven weeks: a 2-level jump in seven weeks!

So, if a junior golfer with the natural talent to later become a pro, who was practicing every day and receiving great advice on his release pattern jumped 2 levels in seven weeks, how much can the rest of us expect to improve in a month or two?

The normal club golfer with an average level of ability (not to mention a job and other time commitments!) can still improve, of course! But let’s keep goals and expectations realistic.

Over the years I’ve managed to help many club golfers improve their game dramatically, and many times I’ve helped individuals to jump 2 levels and start shooting scores, that they never dreamed of. This is only possible when we consistently chip away at something, using great information and evidence-based material.

It starts with confronting your level as a golfer, recognizing and coming to terms with your point of failure, confronting the truth. And then learning how to practice and how to separate yourself from “The Move of Millions”! supports players with a clear concept and a clear path to meet their goals.  With over 500 videos for beginners and advanced players alike, covers all the areas necessary to play great golf. From speed to fitness to lag to compression, from full practice programs to programming muscle memory to a community blog where you can share your thoughts and ideas, you will find what you’re looking for at!