Stop chunking small pitch shots

Creating the correct shaft lean at impact and the correct descending blow from the correct angle with the clubface positioned perfectly and you will hit great pitches! Sounds like a lot of thinking and of course if your technique is good and you can feel the shot then your fine you don’t need to worry. But if you don’t have good technique or have developed the yips or lost your confidence then you really need to rebuild your technique. There’s different ways to pitch but we need to end up at impact in a great position!

It’s not just positive thinking! Most people have a poor impact position with this shot and rely heavily on hand eye coordination. This shot can be easy. Rebuilding your pitching technique takes time. And eventually we need to feel the shot! But this is only possible through great technique, repetition, and a slow rebuilding of the confidence. It’s possible with the correct process, mindset, and practice to develop great pitching and chipping regardless of how bad it is or how bad it has become. Anything is possible.