Bubba Watsons Golf Swing – why he doesn’t need a lesson

Arguably the most talented player in the world. One of or maybe the longest driver of all time. A great feel player that moves the ball in both directions. An impact position like be best hitters of all time – e.g. Hogan. With this type of impact and talent it’s easy to see why he has never had a lesson. You would think however with this type of length, feel, and awesome shaping of shots and high stats in green in regulation that he should win more?

Still the US Masters champion and one would expect a few more majors before he is done. It’s funny when someone is this talented and talks about golf coaches with disrespect. Coaches all around the world are helping people play better golf. I can honestly say that I have improved or have helped just about every player that has been taught by me to some degree. Whatever area of the game that it may have been. We can’t all just wind up and rip over 300+ yards and flush every iron shot out of the middle and of course have no idea why. Just grip and rip it. Yeah right!