Ben Hogan Golf Swing Analysis

Some people base their entire training and methods on Hogan . I always felt it was a unsual swing but a great one . Obviously we can learn things  from it . But its one of those unique type of swings that are impossible to emmulate . A great pivot and entry and exit . He really was able to bend and twist his body into some amazing positions !! Something thats not really been  mentioned that much. Very impressive, great strength and flexibility .

I am always suprised by so many  huge hogan fans . Most of them never realising that his head lowers and that  his swing exits so far left !!! . Its funny being a fan and to base your entire swing or theories on hogan  or to say… ” yeah , but hogan swung like this  and hogan did that ” …when they have  never even drawn the lines in or spent the hours actually needed in actually  analysing his swing .